Monday, April 4, 2011

Land of the Free, Because of the Brave

So my big secret can be reveled on Wednesday!!! YAY! I may not get to it until Thursday or Friday. But I promise to at least do a quick "here is what it is" for those who still don't know! Which of my 39 followers, MAY be two! HA! And for those two or three, this post is a big hint. HINT HINT... Anyway, I just wanted to post this, because I think as Americans, so many of us take our freedoms for granted. But they are not free. Brave men and women have fought and some have died for that freedom. And we tend to only thank them on the 4th of July. But we owe our freedom to them (and the LORD) all 364 other days a year too! There are so many cliche-y sayings about the military, and while I shudder and nearly get sick at such campiness, some really have such truth if you can look past the over usage on t-shirts and bumper stickers! (not to put you down if you HAVE a shirt or bumper sticker with one of these on there. I am just personally not into things like that...). Two that really hit home for me are these... * All gave some. Some gave all. *Only two people have ever died for you- Jesus and the American Soldier I think because until you are in the position to love a soldier, to kiss him goodbye and not know when, or if, you will ever see him again, that sacrifice- while you may still be grateful and thankful- isn't fully realized. I just don't think that it is possible to be. Anyway, please please please remember to pray for our troops and their families. We have military families all over this country that are missing their soldier for our freedom, and soldiers in dangerous countries all over the world who are keeping our homes safe and making this world a better place. and because so many entertainers (I hesitate to call them all singers! HA!) obviously don't know the words to our National Anthem, I wanted to make sure you did....and while you are there, you can learn about flag etiquette. Something that seems lost on so many these days! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!


Priscilla said...

Ok, I think I have it figured out!!!! If it is what I think it is, I would be bouncing off the walls!!! :) Can't wait to see if I've guessed right.

Melissa said...

I guess I'm the last one of your followers not to know the big secret... guess I'll still be waiting til tomorrow. But, I'm so excited for you and your family, whatever the big news may be!! :)