Thursday, February 14, 2013

Archer- 2 Months

Archer is 2 months old! Where has the time gone!?



We will get your weight on Friday, but I think you are around 14 lbs already! That means you are about 1/2 your sister's weight!


We will find out your length on Friday, too. But by my measurement you are about 25" long! TALL BOY!


You are now wearing 3-6 and some 6-9 month clothing and size 2 diapers! I don't think it will be long before we have to move up to size three diapers. I think we might go ahead and do that at night, since you are starting to sleep longer at night (KNOCK ON WOOD)!


Arch, Bub, Bubs, Bubba, Brother, Chubs, Chunky Monkey


You are exclusively breastfed, and will take a bottle if you have to (of breast milk). But you won't take it from me at all! You love to eat and are eating every 3-4 hours usually. Although sometimes you still want to eat every 1-2 (I think that is when you are going through a growth spurt). You nurse for about 10-20 minutes on one side at a feeding, and it seems to work pretty well for us! I have started introducing some acidic and spicy food back into my diet and so far you have tolerated it pretty well, thank goodness! I look forward to the day I can pig out on texmex again!!!

You are sleeping more and more at night these days, which is SO nice! Last night, you slept from 11 to 4, then went back down until 6:30 when I got up to get ready to take sister to school. I am starting to feel human again!

Fun Stuff- some are the same from month 1!

* You have really started smiling and cooing in the last week or so! I love it!
* You love your owl mobile that is on your pack & play. That is about the only way I am able to get a shower these days!

* You are starting to bat at things and love to stare at yourself in the mirror and look at lights and fans!

* You HATE your carseat until the car is moving, then you usually fall asleep.

* You surprisingly enjoy bathtime and it seems to calm you down.

* You have stopped screaming during clothes changes, and you still love to be naked! You just smile and smile when you are stripped down!

* You like to be rocked, bounced, swung- anything movement puts you to sleep. Or at least calms you down for a bit.

* You are only fussy in the evenings now, and those times seem to be getting shorter and shorter!

* You love to sit up in my lap, look around, and especially look at our faces and the cross wall!

* You hold your head up so well and are very strong.

* You love to have your back patted and I can usually get you to sleep that way.

* You have started taking a paci some, although you don't keep it for long, it will settle you down.
Archer- happy 2 month birthday!!! We love you so much and you have brought so much joy and happiness to our lives! We love you!
~Mommy, Daddy, and Sister (Ava)