Saturday, November 24, 2012

Archer's Nursery: {Semi-Reveal}

I was really going to wait until we had Archer's crib in his room, but we have hit a speed bump with Ava's bed- ahhh, the joys of designing your own furniture! So I decided to go ahead and show off his room, sans the crib (for now). You will just have to use your imagination on what it will look like after his crib is in place! And I promise to show the pictures after his bed is moved into his room! But here is the rest of the space!!

And you will have to forgive know I am a horrid photographer!!! Sorry!!!

This is on the wall as you enter his room. It is his daddy's flight patches, framed out in trim and paint.

As you enter his room... I am still deciding on a rug, if I do one at all. Rugs on carpet- although I have always had one in Ava's room- seem redundant and annoy me to clean.

To the left of the closet- the letters are just cardboard letters from HobLob painted to look metal!

Chest of Drawers

Closet wall

I just love this poster!

Plane "dive bombing" above the chest of drawers.

up close

Frame box and map print letter above his crib area.

This is where his crib will live!

Corner next to his crib,  with his soda shop table and chairs.

Two planes "dog fighting" above his table and chairs. Our resident pilot hung these and got creative with back stories for them!

Window wall.

My friend Amanda made this adorable banner for his shower, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that it HAD to go in his room and exactly where to put it!!!

My thrift store lamp revived and adorable frame!

Ava's favorite part of the room (besides his closet!)

We hung the mobile above the chair.

Changing table.

And that is it! Oh, one more detail...

Hook for jacket or bag...isn't it adorable! Found it on Amazon! It is hanging below the FLY letters! Just too cute!

Hope you enjoyed your tour of Archer's {almost finished} nursery! I will post photos of the crib when we get it in place!!! Can't wait for my baby boy to be here and enjoy his new room!!!


emily said...

I love every detail!

It's a perfect nursery and will be so fun when he's older too! I love the color too.

Great job momma!