Monday, October 15, 2012

Differences and Drapes

I wanted to write down, for my own memory, some of the differences I have experienced with this pregnancy verses with Ava. I do not want anyone to think I am comparing Archer and Ava, saying one is better than the other. Not at all! But there are a lot of differences and I want to remember what it was like to have both of my precious babies inside of me! What a blessing it is to be able to have children, and there are so many women who struggle to experience this part of life. So I want to remember and cherish each thing! Both of my sweet babies look just alike in their 3D ultrasound pictures, and both yawn just alike in their ultrasounds. But that is about where the similarities end!

* Ava was CONSTANT movement! I don't think she ever slept...which now that she is almost three, she still hardly doesn't. So that makes sense! Archer, on the other hand, seems to have distinct periods of wake and sleep. He is pretty predictable in his movements as far as when and how rowdy!

* Ava sat very high, and Archer is super low!

* Ava enjoyed playing in my ribs. I could always picture her using them like monkey bars! Archer's preferred "toy" seems to be my bladder.

* Ava did have the hiccups some, but Archer gets them all the time!!! I am hoping that means he is busy practicing his sucking so he will breastfeed for me!!!

* Ava was seen chewing on her hand in her ultrasound, but we caught Archer actually sucking his thumb!

* Ava was constant movement during all of her ultrasounds- Archer had to be shaken to wake him up so he would move to a better position, and he went right back to sleep as soon as she stopped shaking him! I hope he is a snuggle bunny!!!

* When I was pregnant with Ava, you could push on my stomach, and she would kick or push back!!! With Archer, if he is kicking and you push there, he just stops and kicks somewhere else! I wonder if that is how his personality will be- laid back and go with the flow! Ava's habits were certainly a glimpse into what she would be like!

Back to Archer's room, I am struggling with his windows. This is a photo of the room prior to the nursery project starting, when it was still a guest room- I was indecisive on curtains then too!-

As you can see, there is a half moon transom, or "eyebrow" window above the center window. The previous owners had custom drapes made for all of the rooms (circa 1997, though) and this is what their person did:

I am trying to decide what I want to do about Archer's curtains. Really, just where to hang them. I really don't want to hang them all the way at the ceiling. I think I am going to use red ones, and I think that would be too much. In fact, that is really about the only thing I disliked about my favorite inspiration room- I didn't like the curtains all the way up. But I understood why she wanted to do it in that room...

They just feel too, I don't know, MASSIVE to me. So I have to decide- hang them above ALL of the windows so that they cover the transom when closed? Or hang them at the height the previous people had their "gone with the wind" drapes and maybe do a shade or shutter in the transom? Hmmm...



Leah said...

If your ceiling is high in that room (I think I remember you saying it is) then I would do the curtains above all the windows. Otherwise it might cut the wall "short" if that makes sense.