Friday, July 6, 2012

Show Us Where You Live: Bathroom Edition

Welcome to the Brewer Family's home!!! Today on the home tour over at Kelly's Korner, we are peaking into people's bathrooms! FUN!!! I love seeing how everyone else lives! I am nosey like that! HAHA!

So here are our bathrooms! One we are pretty happy with, and the other really needs a total gut job! But that is a few  years down the road, so I haven't done really anything to it since we want to redo the whole thing anyway!

Here is our guest bathroom, which is also where we bathe Ava.

With the shower curtain closed. My mom made it for me. I got the idea of a zebra print one from my friend Whit, and decided to take mine up to the crown moulding for a little drama and to highlight our ceiling height. And I am so glad I did! I just love it!!!

We have changed all of the hardware in this room, and have also changed all of the fixtures. I painted (it was too peachy when we moved in) and that is about it. I am not a huge fan of the tile, but it is nice and I am in no hurry to take on such a project at this point!

Love this photo of Ava!!!

Another one of my Ava photos. This bathroom serves as her bathroom (and her baby brother/or sister's bathroom!) so I wanted to still have touches of her in here, but still have it be grown up for guests. That is the one thing I REALLY don't like about my house- no true guest bath. But oh well. I love the rest of it enough! One day, if we decide to add a bonus room onto the back of the house, I have some ideas on how we can also get a 1/2 bath in there! ;)

And welcome to the 90s! HA! This is our master bath!

Our GIANT tub! It is really too big for us, and we very rarely use it. We might bathe the baby here when he/she comes in December. We will just see what is easier.

Our shower door is really TINY, but the shower is actually really good sized. It was a custom built home and so there are some little quirky things like this here and there. But I think it makes it unique! I would like to take out the wall there by the vanity and put in glass so that it will make the shower feel more open. One day.....

Cole's thrown. :)

The light switches for our bathroom. Another quirky thing! We have the shower light, ceiling fan, shower vent fan, tub spotlights, and vanity lights. The water closet has it's own little lighting panel! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!!! Hope to see you next week!!! We will be taking a closer look at our mantle! I will also highlight our built in's then since our mantle isn't decorated- our TV is there! :)


pieceofcakelife said...

That stain glass panel is lovely! Just a suggestion... maybe labeling the switches for guests?

The Brewers said...

Thanks! Those switches are in our master bath, so guests don't use it. :)