Friday, July 20, 2012

Cast Your Vote!!!

I am so excited that we get to find out if Baby B #2 is a boy or a girl in just a few weeks (still not sure of the date, but it will be in August!). We are being sent for a level 2 ultrasound because of some medical issues in our family, and that requires us to wait until at least 20 weeks (probably closer to 22). For those that are wondering, there are not any AS markers that can be seen on an ultrasound, so that is not the reason.

I am currently 17w5d and have been really feeling the baby move a lot lately. Still just flutters, and not NEARLY as strong or often as I felt Ava at this point- which I am convinced is a good thing, because she nearly killed me before it was all said and done! HA! Being pregnant with an Angel is not easy!!!

So with the gender being revealed in 3-4 weeks, I thought it might be fun to take a poll! I know a lot of people think (and maybe it is just wishing) that this baby is a boy. Others are convinced it is a girl. I am not sure. Some days, I wake up knowing it is a boy. Others, I wake up knowing it is a girl. But most days, I have no idea!!! VERY different from with Ava! With her, I woke up about 10 weeks and I KNEW, 100%, that she was a girl!!!

Here are the answers to some old gender wives tales, just for fun!

1. I am carrying this baby pretty low I think: BOY
2. The heartbeat has been over 140: GIRL
3. I have been craving both salt and sugar, but mostly sugar: BOTH
4. Chinese Birth Chart: GIRL
5. Drano: Haven't tried it.
6. Mayan Even/Odd: BOY (because my age at conception was odd and the year is even)
7. Breaking Out: yes, so GIRL
8. Ring Test: GIRL
9. Morning Sickness: Not awful, so BOY (although it was not too bad with Ava either)

So you decide! What do you think? Boy or Girl???