Tuesday, March 13, 2012

30 Things...

I have been thinking a lot lately, as my 30th birthday rapidly approaches, about the things that I have learned as an adult, as a wife, and as a mother. So I just wanted to chronicle them- for myself- and if others happen to enjoy, then that's great!

30 Things I Have Learned Before 30:

1. Money doesn't grow on trees, and you can never have too much of it. At least not that I have found... I think you tend to "grow" into whatever salary or money you make in life.

2. Sprinklers may still be really awesome and fun, but they cost a lot of money to run every day.

3. There will always be someone who has to put you down or say something cruel to you, in order to make themselves feel better. The best way (but hardly ever the easiest way) to deal with such people is just ignore them.

4. Jealousy exists even when you don't think there is really anything to be jealous about.

5. Just because someone shares the same DNA as you doesn't mean they love you and have your best interests at heart.

6. Being a good mom means WAY more than cutting the crusts off of sandwiches and kissing scraped elbows. WAY.MORE.

7. There is always someone who has it harder or worse than you, and always someone who (at least seems) to have it easier than you. So you just have to learn to be content with your lot in life and be thankful for the positives you have.

8. Being a teenager wasn't all that hard. It really was just preparing you for what life is like.

9. Cooking isn't as easy as my mom made it seem.

10. Marriage is hard. But worth it. If you married the right person.

11. Having a spouse, sibling, and/or good friend in life's darkest days makes them a little brighter.

12. Three bags of black eyed peas is too many for one family to eat at a time. TOO MANY.

13. Dogs can snore louder than husbands.

14. Personal Property Taxes are the most unfair tax in the world. They make me want to dump tea in the river.

15. I do not have a green thumb, and chances are I never will.

16. I like my house to be clean. That doesn't mean that it always is. But I like it that way.

17. Keeping a house clean on a daily basis is much harder than I ever thought.

18. Having a special needs child was never something I could have imagined for my life, and still can't most days. But trying to imagine my life without Ava is like imagining it without air. Just doesn't work.

19. There really needs to be a word for people that are more than acquaintances and less than friends.

20. Never, ever, would I have thought I would be married to a helicopter pilot. Ever.

21. When I was a kid, I dreamed of being in real estate. I still do.

22. As a kid, I always thought that having gutters meant you were rich. Now I have gutters. And I am not rich. Lesson learned.

23. People that have to casually mention how big their house is, how nice their car is, or how much something cost at ever possible moment are working WAY too hard to be liked.

24. Talking to another special needs mom is the best therapy in the world for me. Hearing "I get that" (and knowing they really do) is an amazing feeling. Like a warm hug to my heart.

25. Sitting outside on a nice day with my family really is the best thing ever.

26. I still don't get those "stupid funny" movies. I'd much rather watch Indiana Jones for the billionth time.

27. I am awful at grammar. And I have given up ever being good at it. I just write how I think.

28. I used to think that the things that annoyed my mom about my dad were just them. Now, I know that those are just the things that annoy women about men.

29. I really like country music. More than I ever dreamed. And I like that I can let Ava listen to (most of) it without worrying about it.

30. I like myself. I like my quirks. And I like that I like myself.