Thursday, March 29, 2012

Angel Words: Volume 8

Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday. I folded clothes instead. I made the right choice- trust me! Clean laundry was about to take over our house! HA!

First, I would just like to say thank you for all of the sweet comments here and on Facebook about Cole's new job! He loves it there and we love having him home! There is really a sense of family and team at Angel One Transport, and I love that! I think they like me because I always send cookies and sweets! :)

Monday was a LONG day for us. Ava had an esophageal scope and biopsy done to make sure that there isn't any damage from her continued reflux and spit up, and to check for a condition that could cause the reflux to be continuing. Thankfully, everything looked perfectly healthy and normal! We should have the biopsy results next week, so that will confirm everything. But the pictures looked perfect! Praise the Lord!

Ava had to be under anesthesia for the procedure, and it wasn't scheduled until noon! She couldn't eat anything after midnight and was only allowed 8oz of clear liquids that morning. This was the longest she has ever had to go without food and I was really nervous that she would be inconsolable. But she surprised me and was her happy little self!!! She was laughing and smiling and "talking" to everyone before the procedure! They ended up running behind and didn't get started until after 1:00. The scope only took about 15 minutes to do (anesthesia included) so I opted not to do the pre-op "goofy juice" that she had for her MRI. That might have been a mistake. Because as happy as she was before, she woke up MAD!!!! She was just ready to get out of there! I think she was hungry and was really irritated that they had an IV in her and had her all hooked up to monitors. She *hates* stuff like that on her. It is hard enough just getting her to leave a bow in her hair!!!

I had a few other surprises that day, and it made me realize just how much she does SURPRISE me! All the time, I am surprised. Like when one of the doctors came in to discuss the breathing tube with us, she shook my hand and my mom's hand, and then Ava waited for a second, and when it was clear that the doctor wasn't going to shake her hand, Ava reached out her hand to the doctor like "excuse me?! I am the patient here. Don't I get a handshake?" It.Was.Adorable!!!!

Another surprise came as we were waiting for the procedure to start. Ava is very wiggly. VERY. And she was wearing my mom and I out! The bed they had there would not hold her, so we sat her in her stroller for a much needed rest. My mom was getting something out of her bag, and I was sitting in the chair. We didn't strap Ava in since we figured she would be getting out soon anyway, and was doing fine sitting there without being buckled. Well Ava leaned back and sneezed really, really hard! She sneezed so hard she slipped down out of her stroller and was hanging on by the tray- her eyes wide like "whoa! What happened!?" Most kids would have been scared. We of course immediately- despite our laughter- picked her up and put her back in her seat. She just laughed too! She thought it was as funny as we did! Not many two year olds would react that way! But my girl did!

Sweet girl patiently waiting for them to come get her!

She really enjoyed jumping on the hospital bed with Grammy!

Back at home, she couldn't WAIT to get into some food! HA! This actually happened Sunday I think. She has learned that she can kind of stand in her high chair and reach for things on the table. She also learned how to open lids.
Dangerous combo!

 One surprising thing (unrelated to Ava) that happened at the hospital was Daddy got to visit while we were still waiting to go back! He had just gotten back from a flight and came to visit before having to rush off for another flight. He said that people stare at him in his flight suit. I didn't really think anything of it, since people sort of do that when he is in his military uniform, and I never really thought it was a big deal. But I realized that day that the Angel One flight suit is certainly an attention getter! He walked in and everyone (probably about 100 people in the waiting area- it was a busy day!) all kind of got hushed and watched him walk over to us, then many just all out stared at us while we sat and visited. Even after he left, there were a few people that just gawked at Ava, my mom, and I as we continued to wait. It was a little awkward, honestly! But kind of funny too! Now I understand why he protests every time I ask him to stop somewhere on his way home from work!

We have been spending a lot of time outside these days, taking walks, relaxing on the deck, or jumping on the trampoline! The weather has been just BEAUTIFUL and I hope it continues! Just lovely! Although we have had near record highs, so I am a little worried that we are going to have another awful summer. After last summer and the 115 degree heat (and we moved last summer!) I think we are due for a nice, mild summer. We will see....

Cole and I enjoyed the deck yesterday while Ava napped. We sat and talked and read our books. It was so nice. Then I about choked to death on a sunflower seed. (kidding...sort of...)

Crazy Trampoline Hair!!!
We have a big and busy weekend ahead! Should make for some fun blog posts next week!!!


Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

I am so excited for his new job. Our first son was born in Arkansas so it holds a special place in my heart. My husband is also a pilot (AF) and gets stared at in flight suits when he is not in the normal military town. I do not think about his uniform for a second but others gawk- it is kind of fun!!!