Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Few Goals

I wrote about my New Years Resolutions in this post. Although I don't really have any typical New Years Resolutions, I do have a few goals I would like to accomplish this year, most all of which have to do with our house. So I thought I would share a few of those today...

1. Redo the Laundry Room. Here is the laundry room before we bought the place:

As you can see, it also has a little desk area, which currently houses our computer and office. It functions okay, and honestly, we are probably not in the point in life where we could do a huge makeover and move the office somewhere else. SO the office will stay. But I really want to do something fun to this room. Take down the wallpaper, put up bead board, maybe paint some of the cabinets, replace the counter top. I doubt Cole will let me retile the floor (honestly he is probably stroking out just reading what I have in mind already!). I just really want to make this space a pretty place to sit and blog or facebook or load/unload laundry.

2. Add some more trim to the dining room and foyer. Here was the dining room and foyer when we moved in:

(Sorry, this was the best picture I took I guess)

And here is how it looked a few months ago:

Sorry I can't show you what it looks like today- Ava's birthday party planning has exploded all over that room. BUT I can tell you what I have already done: new entry table (this one), new rug, new curtains (which happened because of the new rug), and this new light fixture.

I really want to add a nice thick chair rail, and also add a small shoe moulding about 4 inches under the crown moulding, then paint it all the same trim color. These ceilings are really high, and that will give the appearance of a thicker crown without the expense or trouble of actually doing all new crown moulding. I also want to add some picture frame mouldings under the new chair rail and paint it all the trim color to give it the appearance of wainscoting. And we might have to repaint in here- not sure? When I was telling Cole about my ideas, and I asked him what he thought, his reply was "what does it matter? You have already decided to do it anyway." Smart, smart man. I am thinking about replacing the foyer light to match the dining room light, too. It would be this one. Shhh, don't tell Cole.

3. Ava's big girl room. Probably my most important project. And the one that will require the most help and money. Of course, we will need new bedding and a fresh coat of paint. Still thinking on that. But the big parts are an enclosed, full sized bed and a ball pit. A fellow Angel family graciously shared their drawings and instructions for an enclosed bed, and I have my daddy studying it and have made a few requests on the design. It will be painted white, and we are going to either use the white wicker furniture we have in the guest room or get her some used furniture and paint it white as well. Haven't decided yet.

She also needs a ball pit. And I don't think there is room in the therapy room. And yes, it is a NEED!!! The girl is totally relaxed and chill in the ball pit at therapy, and we need that at home!!!! It needs to be big enough that I can get in with her, and the blowup ones are no good because they pop when an Angel bites them. Trust me on that one. So I think we are going to build it out of plywood boards covered in batting and fabric that matches her new bedding. I have the perfect place for it to go, too!!!!

4. I really need to rearrange the therapy room. This will cost zero money, but since Cole still refuses to get rid of his weight bench (even though he now has a gym membership!) I need to clean out the garage so I can put that darn weight bench in there, so we can have some more space in the therapy room.

This isn't exactly a project, but in our last house, Cole bought me roll out shelves for our pots and pans for Mother's Day. And I think that might be a good gift for me again this year. Achem. Cole.

I will keep you updated and take pictures as things get done. And they might not all get done this year!!! But Ava's room is a top priority and I am already thinking and making plans. :) Can't wait!!! It isn't going to be the "big girl" room I envisioned when I was pregnant (yes, I have been planning that long) but it is going to be adorable and fun and a great place for my Angel to rest and play and be her own space!!!!


Katie said...

Hi, Rachel!

You asked about my angel ring. My sister in law bought it at the Posh Pearl in Crossett, Arkansas.

They have a fb page, and my friend Amber owns it and told me she has one ring more in stock! She also said she could get more.

Your sweet Ava is a cutie. ; ) Blessings on your family.

The Brewers said...

Thank you Katie!!! I will look them up!!!

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