Friday, June 17, 2011

Steal of a Deal

You know how sometimes, you go into a store to look for one thing, and then something that is on MEGA sale catches your eye, and you think, "I really do need that!" even though 9/10, you don't actually need it, but you use the price to justify the purchase anyway??? What, you don't do that. Huh. You're weird. ;) Anyway, this is that one in ten moment where that happened to me and I actually really, truly, needed it!!!

I was in Home Depot to drool over carpet and counter tops for our new house, and I thought I would check out the appliances just for kicks, and since we need a new fridge (ours conveys) I figured why not check those out too.

Then I saw it. The clearance tag with 948$. And the tag under it that said an additional 20% off. On this beauty...

LG. Stainless. 26.5 cubic feet. BEAUTIFUL. Now I really wanted the french door with bottom drawer freezer for our new house. But those are 1700.00-2500.00, and that is a LOT OF MONEY! Especially when you are looking at new carpet and counter tops too. Soooo, when I saw the bottom line price on this handsome fella, and the fact that he still has full warranty and was just a misorder that someone didn't want, I said HECK YEAH! SOLD!!! For 800, I can put a chest freezer in the garage and call it a day! That is why we wanted the bottom drawer freezer in the first place.

Cole didn't know I did this. But thankfully he was just happy that I saved him a TON o' MONEY! We couldn't even buy the cheap, off brand, white fridge for $814.00!!!! feels good to get a good deal, especially on something that you really do need!!!!!

What is something you got a good deal on recently? Did you actually NEED that item?