Thursday, June 9, 2011

Backing Up to Punt

I have been an absentee blogger! Sorry!!! Been super busy! So the last post I was talking about how we sold our house and we were waiting to hear about the house we wanted to buy. Remember? It had another contingent offer and we were the backup? Well, the other buyers were able to remove their contingent offer and we lost the house. And honestly, I was not as sad as I expected to be. I think because panic immediately set in. I knew we would probably have to crash with my parents for a bit, and we are okay with that. They have plenty of space and are generous enough to take us in. But the idea of my family not having a home is a bit scary!

So the day after we found out that Cannes was not going to be our new home, we began looking for another house. We really didn't want to go above what we were going to pay for Cannes, but I was so afraid we were going to be forced to wait it out or look at more expensive homes. Something Cole would NOT have been okay with! HA!

Well we were looking at a house in our desired neighborhood, but in a different area. This particular neighborhood is large and has lots of different "sub-neighborhoods" I would call them. And this house was in an okay area, but it didn't have any trees. Cole and I tend to lean towards a little older homes (mid to late 90s) in this neighborhood because they have mature trees and shady, private lots. And we are into that. So we were still unsure of the house, and I just had that sick feeling. It was a super nice house, but I just knew it was a mistake. We were talking about what to do when I did yet ANOTHER search and saw that a new home had JUST been listed. I called our poor realtor at 8:00 that night, and we had an appointment to see it the next morning. I loved it online and didn't sleep at all! I just stayed up wondering and thinking and praying.

Well we saw the house at 9 that morning, and loved it! It is a bit smaller than the Cannes house (it is about 2300 sqft) and it doesn't have a half bath. But it is a great house with lots of potential! I say that because, true to form, it needs some cosmetic help. But no knocking down walls and new kitchens this time! Just take down some wallpaper, new counter tops, and new carpet. And paint, but I would do that in any house! ;)

So we made a full price offer. And you will never, ever believe this...they COUNTERED!!!! A FULL PRICE OFFER!!!! We thought we were being really generous and knew we could be because the house was less than Cannes by about 8k and because it had so much potential! But they countered down the price with no closing costs paid, which is all the same really to us. But the thing that we had to walk away from was the terms. They apparently had been burned in the past and were not eager to make a deal with someone who had not yet closed on their other home. The paperwork they wanted was doable. Not fun, but we were willing to provide that. But they wanted things within 5 days. Things like the inspection and appraisal contingencies removed from our house by our buyer. Things that were not in our control. We would never have been able to keep those promises, so we walked away. We were going to wait until our house closed, then go back to them. But we decided the longer we wait, the longer we are living out of suitcases and boxes, and with a 16 month old, that is hard.

So yesterday, we put in another offer. The money is the same (actually we increased our offer $500) but the terms are more reasonable. We have given them everything they wanted, but just said we will give them the documents as they become available to us. We were told they would have an answer by noon. It is now almost 2, and we are still waiting. I just want this to be done with, and know where we are going to be living!!!! I know that the Lord has the perfect home for us, and I truly believe this is it! So I am just praying that He will clear the path! And if this doesn't work out, I know that there is an even better home out there for us!

Speaking of homes, our buyer had his inspection Monday, and that evening we got the report. TWO items!!!! Our hot water heater was leaking and failing and he wanted a new one, and he wanted our AC serviced. The hot water heater is in (no wonder our water bill has been high lately!!!) and the AC people come Tuesday! PTL! That was the one thing I was worried about. I didn't think that there would be an issue, but you just never know!!!

If we get the house we want, I will share with you the MLS link. But for now I am keeping it to myself. Sorry for the suspense, but no use in sharing if it doesn't happen!!! ;)