Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've been a bad blogger girl...

I know. It's been a while. But life has been a bit crazy. Isn't it always!

So just some updates...

Baby B is getting bigger and bigger, as is my baby belly! People actually can tell now. No more of those looks like "is she pregnant or just tubby?" Which I am so happy about.

My poor pup Wesley got bitten by a snake on Friday night. Let me first just say that he is fine. Or getting there at least. We didn't know at first what was wrong. We got home from a dinner out with the family, let him out to potty, and then after a couple of minutes heard the worst screams and yelps I have ever heard from a dog. He was at the door screaming and we let him in. He would not put any weight on his left leg and wouldn't let us touch it. So we rushed him to the ER Vet, and he told us that he had been bitten by a large snake, and would have to stay overnight so that they could give him IV antibiotics, steroids, and histamines, along with a heaping dose of pain medicine. Poor boy was in so much pain that they had to sedate him. So we picked him up the next day, and took him to our regular vet for a followup. He confirmed that he would be fine, and told us to keep him on the oral antibiotics and the oral pain meds. Come to find out, he had been bitten not once, but twice by a very large snake, most likely a copperhead. OUCH!!! But he is doing great and even tried to chase a cat today while outside on a potty break!
He is such a brave boy, and we are so proud of him!!!

I would like to welcome a new reader, my best friend Whitney!!! Yea!!!

We will soon find out the gender of our baby. I still think it's a girl. Cole still says boy. There is a good dinner riding on it! ;) Let me know your predictions!!! We are taking a tally. So far, most people are siding with me. I felt the baby move today. Actually, I'd been feeling it for about a week, but I wasn't sure until today that what I was feeling was the baby. The feeling woke me up last night, and then today she (or he) was super active!!! That is when I decided that it was, indeed, the baby!

I promise to try to be more diligent about posts...and look for nursery pics in the coming months!!! ;)


Leigh Ann said...

I think you are having a boy. I think there is something to mother's intuition though. I was never right with mine. I guessed opposite on both them!;) So, if that is true, you are probably having a girl! Ha!

Tara G. said...

Girl. I have no reason at all. :)

And I hate snakes. I don't think I'd go in my backyard again for a long time!