Friday, August 14, 2009

It's been 10 Days...

So I thought I might bring an update to the table. My house is DONE! Okay, almost DONE!!! We still have to do the floors in the bathrooms, and lots of trim work. The wine rack in the kitchen is still being built, and I have some painting to do, but other than those minor things, it is DONE!!! I am so happy, you have NO IDEA! (Well, if you have lived without a kitchen for 3 months or more, than (then?) you do.

I will post picture later, but for now I have a much more important something to tell all of you...well, ask all of you. It is a prayer request for a sweet family that I went to high school with. Jason and Katie, and Jason's sister Shannon all went to Arkansas Baptist, which is where I also attended high school. Jason and Katie were high school sweethearts who got married, and they have a beautiful son, Zach. Now I am not close with their family, and if it wasn't for Facebook and Blogs, I would never have known this was going on. But Katie and Jason were expecting their first daughter, Baby Reese, in a few weeks. But two days ago she had to have an emergency C-Section. When Reese was born, she wasn't breathing, and was put in NICU with no brain activity, according to Shannon. Last night, they took her off of the machines and she went to be with the Lord. I know that this is a heartbreaking experience for anyone to go through, and being pregnant myself, I can't imagine what it is like to have this little miricle inside of you for 9 months and then not get to watch her grow up. It is heartwentching. I just ask that you pray for Katie, Jason, Shannon and the rest of their families. They need all of the prayers and comfort they can get. The good news is that Katie and Jason both love the Lord as evident by their strength and encouraging and uplifting words, even at such a heartbreaking time. If you follow Kelly's Korner, then you have been reading some about them. Please pray....

See you soon...and I promise I will post pictures of the house! It's clean right now because I hosted Bunko last night, so I need to take pictures now before it gets messy again!!!