Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Sweet Ava

I have been writing more about Archer lately because of his monthly updates, and because most of my Ava posts I save for the Defying Disabilities monthly post that I write. But there are several things she has done the past several months that I want to remember.

She is really growing up and doing some fun things. I am always amazed at her! And honestly, I had an unpleasant encounter this week, and it made me realize just how sad some people are, and how privileged I am, to be her mom. And to understand the value of an individual who happens to have special needs.

Ava Moment 1: She was in her room, playing with her blinds. She KNOWS this is against the rules, and she knew she was doing something bad. I was busy at the moment, so I just yelled back to her, "Ava! Get out of your blinds!!!" A few seconds later, she slammed her bedroom door! And went right back to playing in the blinds!

Ava Moment 2: After breakfast, I sent her to her room while I followed after grabbing her clothes out of the laundry basket. When I got to her room, her closet was mostly closed but her little hand was holding the door. I said "Huh. I wonder where Ava went???" With that, she jumped out of her closet, laughed hysterically for a few seconds, then jumped back in!

Ava Moment 3: Tonight, I took the kids to see their grandpa who just had surgery. Cole was already there with his dad, and it isn't often that I attempt to load both kids at the same time. But it just worked out that way. She waited patiently by the garage door while I set the alarm, then she walked to her door all by herself and tried to open the door! I put her in but noticed that her shirt was wet. So I just sat her in her seat while I strapped her brother into his seat and grabbed a fresh shirt. I explained to her what I was doing, as I could see she was concerned that I wasn't going to buckle her in. But obviously, she wasn't happy with my decision because when I got back she had her seat belt straps over her shoulders!

Ava Moment 4: This is less a moment than a new skill. Since Thanksgiving, Ava has sat in a regular dining chair, without any adaptations! She is doing so well! And when finished, she gets up, goes into the living room, and closes the gate behind her!!!

Ava, mommy is so proud of you. And I am so encouraged reading about how close the researchers are to a cure. I cannot wait to hear your voice and have a conversation with you. That is my dream, my #1 on my bucket list. And I pray that it comes true, not just for me, but mostly for you!!!! I love you so very much. And I am blessed to call you my sweet daughter.


Unknown said...

Your Ava is such a blessing! I am so glad to have the opportunity to be a part of her life! My favorite thing she does at school right now is get in the laundry basket! She loves that thing! I took her back to her classroom the other day and she knew right where to go to get it! She immediately went to the table it was under, pulled it out and got right in! She is such a joy :)

Unknown said...
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The Brewers said...

That is funny Miranda! She does the same thing at home. She LOVES sitting in laundry baskets!