Monday, September 16, 2013

Archer is 9 Months!

I am not sure what is harder to believe- that Archer is 9 months old or that in just a few months he will be a YEAR old! We are ***rapidly*** approaching the toddler phase with him! Ava was in the baby phase for SUCH a long time, so his development rate has just astounded me!!! 
You are still around 20 lbs. You were 19lbs 15oz this morning at the doctor, which put you in the 39% for boys your age! But your growth curve looks perfect! You are just a lean boy!


You are still TALL TALL TALL! You measured at 31" this morning, putting you in the 99% for length (again!). You are just a tall boy and have HUGE feet!!! Poor boy, everyone thinks that you are older than you really are! I think I will be the mom that carries a birth certificate around with me to prove your age to the opposing teams!


You wear all 9-12 month clothes now, and even some 18 month stuff! You are totally out of anything smaller than 9 months, but I still haven't cleaned out your closet. I am not ready for you to grow up!  It is getting harder and harder to keep you in clothes! You have been wearing hats and sunglasses too, since we are spending more time outside (which you love!). Your socks are 12-18 month socks- you have HUGE feet! I bought you some footed PJs the other day, and got them in 18 months because I figured that they would  fit when it was cold enough for them. We had a random cold night the other night, and you wore some to bed. They were a shade baggy on you but mostly fit, and especially fit in the feet! In fact, the feet were almost snug! HA!


Arch, Bub, Bubs, Bubba, Brother, Chubs, Chunky Monkey, BuddaBall, Chubbers, Archie-Boy (I am the only one who is allowed to call him that...he will NOT be called "Archie" if I can help it!)
I have heard several family members call him "Archie" lately...that must stop.


You LOVE to feed yourself and we have started trying out table foods! You love banana, peas, and squash. We are going to try some pasta and other veggies and fruits, and your doctor even said we could start introducing a little meat! You love to eat and still nurse 4-5 times a day (or take a bottle if mommy is working).


You pretty much go down at night without much fuss. But you still wake once in the night, more out of habit I think. We are going to work on breaking you of that habit, too. Mommy is ready to sleep through the night! But you are so much better than you were!

Words (New Catagory!)
Ava (he tries, but it comes out Awa)

Fun Stuff- some are the same from months 1-8!

* You smile and laugh a lot! Especially in the mornings! That seems to be your happiest time of the day, after you have had your "coffee" (aka milk).

* You took THREE steps!!!!!!!! You love to cruise and push walker toys around. And of course you crawl EVERYWHERE!

* You are still not a big fan of the carseat, but you are much better.

* I think we have determined that you don't just all out HATE bathtime, you just hate it when you have to share a tub with Ava. So no more double bathtime for now. 

* You still love to be naked! You just smile and smile when you are stripped down!

 * You are pretty much only fussy when something is wrong or  you are not getting your way, or you are tired. At least now we can identify WHY you are fussing. That makes things a lot better!

* You now have SEVEN teeth! You have more teeth at 9 months than your sister did at 12! You have at least one more on the way. And you also have learned to use them!!!
* You are very tolerant of your sister, and have really started watching and smiling at her. I think the two of you are going to be very close! Although you do love to pull her hair!!!
* You still prefer mommy, but are starting to really like that daddy guy, too!
* You give kisses now! And you will blow kisses on occasion!
* You are still waving- albeit a very awkward, uncoordinated wave- at everyone you see! You are starting to get a little shy, though, and sometimes bury your head in my shoulder when someone talks to you. You get that from Daddy. Your separation anxiety is in full swing now, too! Oh boy, that is fun! HA!
* You still love to clap and you have even taught your sister how to clap again! She had lost that skill but has picked it back up from you! You are such a good brother!
* Everything you do, you prefer to do with your left hand! I think you are going to be a south paw!
* You love our new dog, Billy! He is a big Australian Shepard who is crazy about you and Ava, too! The three of you just love to lay on the floor and play. He is so good with you and has really fostered your love of dogs. I think the two of you will be best friends!

Archer- Happy 9 Months, sweet baby boy!!!! You are getting to be such a big, happy, fun, and outgoing boy! We love you so much and you have brought so much joy and happiness to our lives! We love you, and we thank the Lord each day for you! I pray that your daddy and I can honor God and raise you into the man He wants you to be!

~Mommy, Daddy, and Sister (Ava)