Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Bunny & A Bed

I have been busy with mom stuff lately- fussy sick baby, hosting Easter, etc.- so I am combining two posts in one. So forgive me!

Item #1: EASTER

We had a wonderful Easter, and I am so thankful for so many things! We actually got to attend church! Church has been a difficult thing for a while now, simply because Ava is older and stronger, and there really isn't a place for her at our church. But we love our church and didn't really want to find a new church home. My sister and her family, as well as several of our friends, go to our church, and it is where Ava is baptized. It is also the first church Cole and I joined as a married couple. We just really love it and want to stay. I have been talking to our WONDERFUL children & youth minister for a while now about the possibility of starting a special needs ministry at our church. A few weeks ago, we met with Emily (our children's minister) and her friend Ally (who is an OT student and the daughter of one of my friends from my old work). Ally is starting the special needs program at our church as part of her OT program requirements, and she graciously agreed to keep Ava in the nursery at church on Easter for us! It felt SO good to be IN church again! I forgot how much I missed it! I had to sit out front and watch the service on the tv for the first little bit, because Archer was NOT a fan of the music! But he nursed and slept through the service, and made googly eyes and flirted with the women behind us! So I think it was a hit with him too! And Ava, of course, had a blast!



When I found out I was pregnant with Archer, we had already been talking to my dad about building Ava a big girl enclosed bed. The commercial ones were just ugly and I was worried about having her in a bed enclosed with netting for several reasons. But when we found out the crib was going to be needed, and we had a deadline, the project went into high gear. But the fact that it is an original design, has some special and complicated hardware, and is massive slowed the project way down. Not to mention the fact that my dad has a full time job and there were some family illnesses mixed in to the timeline. But a few weeks ago, the bed came together-literally- and Ava has been enjoying her completed big girl room- WITH BED- since then! She absolutely loves it, and I almost think she would sleep in it without it being enclosed! Almost. :)


How the bed looks when she is sleeping.

How the bed looks when she is awake. We are going to add crown moulding to it at a later time.

Her Pop put her name on it!


The rest of the room...


Unknown said...

Her room is adorable!! Wow! The bed is fantastic! It is really great.
So glad you did not go for the mesh
netting covers. They really are kinda
creepy aren't they? Had a friend who was fostering special needs toddlers.
She used the net, UGH! I can still see those boys trying to stand up with that net smashing their little faces. double ugh~
You Did Good! So bright and pretty. Lots of room too. Am loving that dresser too. Perfect little er, ah, big girl room!

Unknown said...

Hi there, I love her bed, can you get me the instructions ? or a drawing ? I have a 12 yr old son who sleeps in an old Pediacraft metal crib. It looks very "institutional". My doc had written a script for an enclosed bed, but FL Medicaid will not pay for it. Any guidance you could give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Darlene Carter