Saturday, June 2, 2012

Show Us Where You Live: Living Rooms

I am SO excited that Kelly's Korner is doing the SUWYL Home Tours again! I just love peeking into everyone's homes! I am just nosey like that! HAHA! So without further ado, here is a peek into our home on the first stop of the tour: our LIVING ROOM!

The main focal point of our living room is the fireplace and built in wall. I love that we are able to have our TV up there (and away from our 2 year old!) and all of the needed boxes and wires are hidden in the walls and built ins!

built in to the right

and to the left

We redid the tile when we moved in and I am SO glad we did! It was green granite. YUCK!

I am a horrid photographer. Sorry. But another shot of the center.

Tile up close. We used a stock glass and travertine tile mosaic from Lowes, and put it up vertically for a little bit of a more edgy/modern touch.

I know my curtains need to be higher, so says every decorator out there! But I like them at this height! I painted the black stripes on otherwise blah curtains. I am really happy with the results, but might switch out for the tablecloth curtain idea that is hot on pinterest right now, if I can find some I love without breaking the bank!

My cross wall :) The doorway to the right goes into the foyer and dining room

Looking into the living room from the hallway. You can see the kitchen and eating area in the background there.

A painting done by my mom's cousin. There is another one that is a little boy, and my sister has it!

Looking in from the dining room/foyer area

And my secret: toy storage in the built ins! Love it!!! :)

Hope you enjoyed this weeks tour! See you next week!!!


Natasha said...

I like your stripe-y curtains! And now I need to go check out the Pinterest tablecloth curtain idea. I'm not on Pinterest so I hadn't heard of it before.

Anonymous said...

I saw another cross wall earlier in the those!! Pinning it to my Pinterest board. :)

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Love the wall of crosses...what a neat idea!!

SILLy stories!! said...

LOVE the curtains!!

The Taffs said...

What a beautiful room! I love your cross wall, I'm trying to pick a wall in my house to do that.

I have brown and white stripped curtains. I sewed them, but was very tempted to pain them. Yours turned out great!