Friday, July 15, 2011

New House Pictures (well, some anyway!)

Well we are moved in. Settled, I WISH! HA! But we are getting there. With Cole's crazy work schedule right now, it is a bit hard. But I am chipping away at it while he is off paying for it! ;)

So now to the good stuff...PICTURES...

We got the TV up and the shelves decorated. I am sure I will change them over the years, but this is what they are now. I can't wait for Christmas so I can decorate them! SO fun!!!

If you remember the green granite that was? Yeah, it is gone. :) We got new carpet, and we wanted a small tiled area in front of the backdoor to keep the dirt off the carpet. But I didn't want two tiles in the same room, so we re tiled the hearth in the same tile we used for the back door area, and used a long glass tile/travertine mosaic laid on the vertical for the fireplace face. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it turned out!!! Excuse the pink step stool. And the cabinet door I can't close until we get the cables ran behind the door. Ahhh, moving. ;)

Here is for those of you who can't remember or never saw the before picture of the fireplace...MUCH better now huh?!

Now on to the kitchen. The wallpaper is just a distant nightmare!!!

Yes, the green countertops remain still. :( But I have been looking at granite. I am just not 100% sold on what I want, and I would like for our poor bank account to recover from the moving expenses a bit before we off and spend 3k or more on countertops! But it will happen soon. I have faith. ;)

By no means do I like or want to keep the green. But it doesn't look AS awful without the horrid wallpaper.

I fell in love with these pictures at HobLob (50% off too! SCORE) They are french country and just perfect!!!

Sorry I didn't clear my table. I will take a shot of the eating area when it is clean, promise. But I hung my old window I have had forever!! LOVE IT!

What do you think of the curtains? I saw this on a blog for ideas about french country window treatments, and I really love it!!! It looks really good with my french country farmish table and chairs. Craigslist, $225, and didn't even have to leave our town!!!

Here is the cross wall I JUST completed in the living room. I decided to put it on this wall because it is an awkward space with no real direction, and there isn't any furniture that lives there. I am glad I did. I think pictures would have just been wrong there. And I get to display my crosses without them being too much. It looks better in person...for some reason the scale looks odd in the picture. Huh? Probably the photographer. I hear she is horrible. We are probably just lucky there isn't a finger in the picture or something. ;)

Now to the fun room- the room I did very first thing! AVA's ROOM!!!

See her chillin' in her chair!? She loves her room!!! It is so big! So much room to play!!!

Other side of her room.

This was before I hung ANY art up in here (butterflies excepted) so I promise to take "final" pics and share. When it is final. Which it still isn't. I don't think.

Book nook.

Loving her new pillow. And room.

Her closet. LUCKY KID!!!! It is huge!!!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour. Promise to do a proper one one of these days!!!