Monday, May 2, 2011

On the death of a mass murderer....

So we went to bed last night to the news that Osama Bin Laden, mastermind behind the worst terrorist attack in US history, had been killed by US forces. As the wife of a US Soldier and combat veteran, this was a huge thing for me and our family! It is a big win for the USA. And yes, I know that it doesn't mean the war is over. And I know that the war on terror will continue. But I do think this was a BIG win- and I think that it will greatly weaken their organization in the long run.

Of course, FB was ablaze with everyone's opinion. Opinions that we feel compelled to share with the world. :) And I had SO many of my friends who, as Christians, were appalled that everyone was rejoicing in this man's death. And even saying that they were sad that he has met his eternal fate. Yes, a man is dead. And yes, as a Christian I believe that he is most likely in Hell. And I believe that the Lord can soften and change ANY living soul, even one as evil as his. But he was an evil man who wanted to do evil to our nation. A nation that was at least founded as a Christian nation.

I was confronted and even a little attacked because I wouldn't feel sad about feeling relieved and even a bit giddy that he had been "neutralized." I even asked Cole this morning if we were bad Christians for being happy about his death. Then a friend posted a link to this blogpost that was written by a former professor of her's at Master's College in CA. And when I read it, I just wanted to shout "YES!!!!" and fist pump!!!!


Kristin Wood said...

Seeing as how you've actually had a husband deployed fighting against this man and his terrorisim againt Americans, I think you get to feel however you want to feel!!! He was responsible for the death of thousands of innocent civilians and troops, I don't feel one bit sad that he is gone!