Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keeping my chin up...

I would first like to say that this is a selfish, whiny post, and I am sorry. Prayers go out to those impacted by the recent tornadoes, and to those who will be enduring rough weather the next few days.

So we have been on the market one week and two days. We have had three showings and no offers. I am told we are doing pretty well for the market. I am told the Realtors who have seen it say that our house is "fabulous" and that the price is right to sell fast. I am told to be ready to move. But I am still fighting discouragement! I just KNEW that we would put a sign up one day and have an offer the next! Oh, reality, how you stink!!! Ugh... I am not a patient person. Never have been. And this is not a good trait to lack when trying to sell a home in a slow market. Cole recently returned to Louisiana for work, so he has been gone for the past week. He left the day after the sign went in the yard. Which actually was a blessing because he is a wonderful husband but lousy housekeeper! HA! I had really hoped to have an offer waiting on him when he got home this weekend. But I am not sure that is going to happen. I know that people keep their homes on the market for months and I just don't know how they do it!!!

I guess having our desired home on the line adds to the stress. Because we are a back-up contingent offer, we must sell our house before the other contingent offer does, and before anyone without contingencies comes along and snaps it up! No pressure! But at the same time, I think our current home is lovely. We have put a lot into it- money, time, work, and I don't want to (nor can we afford to) just give it away. We are priced close to our bottom line as is, in an effort for a quick sale. So I am trying my best to disconnect from "our new house" and look at other homes for sale in our desired price range and neighborhood. Problem is, the ones we like are either more than we want to spend or we would have to compromise on things we really really want. There is one that I have loved forever. I used to lay in bed and dream about it. Then our realtor took me in...and I still love it. But OH MY STAIRS! STAIRS everywhere!! Stairs up, stairs down, stairs stairs stairs! Which explains why it has been on the market for so long with no offers. We are talking almost 3 years people! Donna (our realtor) says that they are just priced too high for the obstacles that it has. AKA the stairs. The home itself is pristine and beautiful. The backyard would need a fence, and doesn't have many trees like we like. But I think we could make it work with some work, and the inside needs next to nothing done to it, so it could work...

I am talking myself into it, see?! I just want to LOVE my "for long time" house and not have to talk myself into a home. That is what I did with our current home. And while it worked out for us, I don't want to settle again!

Just need to pray for everything to work out the way it is supposed to!