Tuesday, May 17, 2011

House Update and MLS Link

Well we are officially on the market!!! For some bizzzaarrrooooo reason, Blogger decided to delete my last post. So who knows if we will ever see it again. But here is a recap...

  • Happy Mothers Day, blah blah blah (yes, it has been a while. I have been BUSY!)

  • We decided to explore the idea of moving and started checking out homes.

  • We found a house that we LOVE. This House-

  • Our Realtor showed another client our house as a "test" to see what she thought. She is a single, older lady, and loved our house except the hill that you come down to get to our Cove and the majorly HUGE backyard (things we can't change). But her feedback was encouraging enough for us to take the plunge!

  • We started getting our house ready every waking second we could. We even ***GASP*** HIRED some work out. If you know me, you know that is NOT something I do. ;)

So that pretty much brings you up to speed. Now, we got a call Friday night that another contingent offer had been made on our house, and they were countering. But that they would entertain other offers also. So we put ours in and "technically" listed Sunday afternoon, although today was the first day we were ready to show. Our offer was accepted as a backup contingent offer. Basically we just have to sell our house first. Which I am hoping we will because I know that the other people are moving from a city with a slower real estate market than ours. That said, who knows! I know we will end up where we need to be. Where the Lord wants us. I just hope it is that house. HA! Cole tells me all the time that I can't change the Lord's mind. But that doesn't always stop me from trying!

We had the Realtor's tour today and about 16 people came through, and we also had our first "real" showing this morning also! I am anxiously awaiting feedback from our realtor. Oh how I hope they all liked it and hope we get an offer! That would be AWESOME!!! But I know I need to be patient in this market.

This is the link to our MLS for our house. You might note some paint changes. Bleh. My beautiful blue dining room and red foyer is gone. :( But I know my Brookline Beige is more appealing to the masses. Don't worry...Aegean an Teal WILL make an appearance in my next dining room. It might just become a signature color for me. I don't know. ;)



Melissa said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! I have my fingers crossed that you will get an offer today. :)
Melissa Henry Davis

Camille Bassez said...

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