Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick-or-Treat and Turkey Day!

Well, October is over. :( But that means its...

(cue booming voice...)


I like November, can you tell??? I really like Thanksgiving. As a kid, my sister and cousins always looked forward to Christmas and the gifts. But not me. No. I looked forward to Thanksgiving. I have always liked to eat! HAHA!

Ava's first Halloween was so fun! We skipped out on point with only one tooth.... ;) So we just hung out at home and handed candy out. It was fun! My parents came over, my mom cooked pork chops. Yummy. And we lowered Ava's crib to the lowest setting. Hard to believe that she is to that point already. But she will have her 9 month checkup next week! Where, oh where, does the time go???

Here are a few pictures from our Halloween...

Mommy and Ava. She had just slapped me across the face in this one- thus the funny look on my face! HAHA!

Always chewing on that hand. Now that there is a sharp little tooth in there, her poor hand is all cut up! :( Any suggestions? She won't leave a mitten on...

Love this one!

In her Leopard costume. So adorable!!!

We love graphic tees in the Brewer Family!!!

I adore this picture of her!!! I have NO idea what she is looking at or thinking, but her face is just priceless!!!!

So now that Halloween is over, it's time to pull out the Thanksgiving canvases! I have had these finished for a while...

This is for my mom, for her hostess gift for Thanksgiving. But I am going to give it to her now so that she can hang it on her door for the season!

This was the first Turkey I have ever attempted, and I think he turned out pretty cute! This is a flat board canvas. My first time to work with one of these, too. Not sure how I feel about it. At any rate, this is now greeting guests at the Brewer's house!!! ;)
Hope you have a wonderful week!!!!