Sunday, May 31, 2009

Progress...but not the kind I need!!!

So yesterday was a bit of a bust because my dad had to work on his yard. Which turned out for the best because Cole had to leave early this morning for AT (that is Annual Training for those not familiar with the National Guard...) He had just gotten home late Thursday night from 3 weeks of work in Louisiana, so we got to spend a whole day together on Friday. Something that is a bit rare these days, unfortunately. Saturday he had to go into the unit and work until about 4 to get ready to leave for Ft. Smith. He will be gone to Ft. Smith for 2 weeks, then home for a night, and leave again for 2 weeks. Needless to say, this is getting old for both of us. But a few bright spots in all of this... First, I should be able to get to go up to Ft. Smith and spend some time with him while he is off duty (and I am also sort of hoping that when he is on duty, I can find another wife to make the drive up to Fayetteville with me to go to a home store called Oops, which stocks overstocked home goods). And the second bright spot is that Cole is finally on a contract in Louisiana. Which doesn't mean anything in terms of pay or benefits. It does, however, mean that instead of flying maybe 7 hours a hitch (which is 14 days), he will be flying around 7 hours a day for 14 days. Which will sky rocket his flight hours. He is already around the 2000 hr mark, but should get 2500 before long, which is what he needs for a hospital job (aka closer to home job). It is crazy to me that he has enough hours to fly medevac in an active combat zone with people shooting at him, but he doesn't have enough hours to fly medevac over Arkansas. Oh!

Something else I am looking forward to (and not, in a way) is that Cole is going to be gone mid-July for the final portion of the Maintance Test Pilot course in Ft. Rucker, AL. He will be gone for 5 weeks, which stinks, but (assuming my work schedule doesn't get in the way...) I will be flying out to meet him and drive back with him at the end of the course. We will be driving back by way of the ocean and Louisiana, where I get to see PHI headquarters, which I hear is pretty impressive. PHI, the company that he flies for, is the second largest helicopter firm in the world, so that is neat!

I just would like to ask that you all keep us in your prayers. This summer is going to be an extremely stressful time, between the reno and all of this apart time. Oh, and did I mention we are trying to get pregnant too?!?! Yeah, it's a bit crazy right now, and the stress is getting to me. I broke down yesterday...poor Cole. But he has learned that sometimes I just need to cry it out, and then I am good for a while. Please also pray specifically that Cole will be able to get a job closer to home soon. I really need him here, and this traveling is really getting to him as well.

Ok, on to my house. Like I said, we didn't work any on the house yesterday, but we should be getting to work on it today after my nephew's birthday party. So yesterday while Cole was at work, I did some shopping and found some crosses on sale. I have been wanting to do a "cross wall" for a while, so I figured now was as good a time as any. I have been working on my entry way on the outside, and decided I wasn't happy with the inside either. I know, I am nuts to be decorating in the middle of construction. That is just how I roll!!! :) So I got a few crosses, combined them with the two that I already had, and this is the result....

I know I need another medium sized one on the top left, and a few more smaller ones on the bottom right, but I think it is a really good start. Thoughts? Opinions? I am totally open to suggestions! I will have to take some pictures of my entry and post here too, but I am still waiting on a couple of things that I have ordered before I "unveil" that!!!!



The Bowden's said...

I so LOVE your creativity with your space. Glad I found your blog!

Have a great rest of your Sunday!