Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Archer is 10 Months!

I cannot believe Archer is 10 months old! Seems like yesterday that I was posting his first month update!  

You are about 22 lbs. You are still really lean for your length! Not too many rolls on you!


You are still TALL TALL TALL! You are almost as tall as your sister! It is so funny! You have outgrown most of your "sit in" toys like your walker and jumper.


You wear all 12-18 month clothes now, and even some 18-24 month stuff! I finally cleaned out your closet, and did a little shopping for you. Hopefully we have what we need for winter!


Arch, Bub, Bubs, Bubba, Brother, Chubs, Chunky Monkey, BuddaBall, Chubbers, Archie-Boy (I am the only one who is allowed to call him that...he will NOT be called "Archie" if I can help it!)
I have heard several family members call him "Archie" lately...that must stop.


You still love to feed yourself and are really good at table food! We pretty much feed you only table food, but you still nurse. We have started supplementing with formula because you drink about 8-12 ounces per meal, and mommy just cannot keep up!


You pretty much go down at night without much fuss. You are taking two naps a day, and in general sleep really well. You very rarely get up at night. And honestly, it is about time! HA!

Words (New Catagory!)
Ava (he tries, but it comes out Awa)

Fun Stuff- some are the same from months 1-9!

* You smile and laugh a lot! Especially in the mornings! That seems to be your happiest time of the day, after you have had your "coffee" (aka milk).

* You took THREE steps!!!!!!!! You love to cruise and push walker toys around. And of course you crawl EVERYWHERE!

* You learned to stand up without pulling up on something! You just did it one day, out of the blue! So fun!

 * You are still not a big fan of the carseat, but you are much better.

* You have finally decided that you love bathtime! And even enjoy it with sister in there with you! So we are back to double bathtime, and it is so fun! Messy, but fun! She loves to shampoo your hair for you, and you are such a sweet brother and let her!

*You are fascinated with hairbrushes! You love to carry them with you and you even try to brush mine and sister's hair! It is so sweet!

* You still love to be naked! You just smile and smile when you are stripped down!

 * You are pretty much only fussy when something is wrong or  you are not getting your way, or you are tired. At least now we can identify WHY you are fussing. That makes things a lot better!

* You now have SEVEN teeth! You have more teeth at 9 months than your sister did at 12! You have at least one more on the way. And you also have learned to use them!!!
* You are very tolerant of your sister, and have really started watching and smiling at her. I think the two of you are going to be very close! Although you do love to pull her hair!!! Y'all have started interacting more and more, and it melts my heart to watch!
* You still prefer mommy, but are starting to really like that daddy guy, too!
* You give kisses now! And you will blow kisses on occasion!
* You are still waving- albeit a very awkward, uncoordinated wave- at everyone you see! You are starting to get a little shy, though, and sometimes bury your head in my shoulder when someone talks to you. You get that from Daddy. Your separation anxiety is in full swing now, too! Oh boy, that is fun! HA!
* You still love to clap and you have even taught your sister how to clap again! She had lost that skill but has picked it back up from you! You are such a good brother!
* Everything you do, you prefer to do with your left hand! I think you are going to be a south paw!
* You still LOVE Billy, and he loves you! He doesn't like it when you cry at night, and he will get mommy up to see about you every time!

Archer- Happy 10 Months, sweet baby boy!!!! You are getting to be such a big, happy, fun, and outgoing boy! We love you so much and you have brought so much joy and happiness to our lives! We love you, and we thank the Lord each day for you! I pray that your daddy and I can honor God and raise you into the man He wants you to be!

~Mommy, Daddy, and Sister (Ava)